Marketing Impact

This is an interesting podcast about how data mining pushes marketing to a new level from marketplace (american public media). It is only 5 min long, starting at 09:49 until 14:26 as there are other topics discussed in the radio show. If you do not want to listen to the whole show just click on the timebar to move around.

The podcast starts like this:

Kai Ryssdal: Almost everything you do, short of taking a long, lonely walk in the woods or something, leaves little bits of electronic data behind. Every time you search the Internet, you punch something into your mobile phone or you write on someone’s Facebook wall, there’s a giant industry right behind you sucking up all that data and using it to figure out how to sell you something. Toothpaste to life insurance. The data mining business, as it’s known, is growing 10 percent a year, and as you might have guessed, the amount of data we produce is booming.


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