The Beginner’s Guide For Web Data Analysis

On his blog Occam’s razor about web analytics Avinash Kaushik wrote a post with the topic “Beginner´s guide to web analytics: Ten steps to love & success”. Being an expert in web analytics he gives a practical introduction into this field. This is an overview about the ten steps that you should follow according to him. The whole post gives a useful outline how to get started with web analytics, so check out here.

Step 1: Visit the website. Note objectives, customer experience, suckiness.

Step 2: How good is the acquisition strategy? Traffic Sources Report.

Step 3: How strongly do Visitors orbit the website? Visitor Loyalty & Recency.

Step 4: What can I find that is broken and quickly fixable? Top Landing Pages.

Step 5: What content makes us most money? $Index Value Metric.

Step 6: How Sophisticated Is Their Search Strategy? Keyword Tag Clouds.

Step 7: Are they making money or making noise? Goals & Goal Values.

Step 8: Can the Marketing Budget be optimized? Campaign Conversions/Outcomes.

Step 9: Are we helping the already convinced buyers? Funnel Visualization.

Step 10: What are the unknown unknowns I am blind to? Analytics Intelligence.

Click here for full article.


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